Pedro F. Báez, Master Certified Coach
The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “a partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. Life coaching is indeed a dynamic, integrative, transformative partnership!

It is also a clarifying, uplifting, liberating healing art. It listens, questions, debunks, exhorts and motivates. It moves you forward by encouraging your very own strengths, ideas and capabilities. It fosters your creativity and nurtures lifelong dreams. It then invites you to transform these dreams into tangible, measurable, fulfilling outcomes and realities. There’s no trick. There’s no sorcery. The magic to conjure up change, leave behind tired old stories that no longer serve you and overcome adversity is within you, has always been and will always be.

Life coaching creates a safe space for you, the client, to begin a journey of inquiry and self-discovery that will ultimately take you to the highest peaks of your potential and onto achieving your most cherished personal and professional goals. It does this by helping you develop and focus your awareness on your thoughts, body sensations and feelings; your emotional and physical reactions to internal and external factors, catalytic events and triggers, and by noticing and questioning the behaviors and patterns of conduct that conform and define your identity and how you perceive and interact with yourself and your reality.

An effective, fully engaged, ethical life coach will always be present, respectful and authentic, and, above all, will know that you are the designer and conductor of your own destiny and are, invariably, responsible for every action, reaction and course of action you take (or not) in your life.

A thoroughly trained, seasoned life coach has the tools, techniques, compassion and intuition that will enable you to go beyond and leave behind negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and crippling fears, helping you discover, instead, the limitless potential and the very practical and advantageous applications of tapping into your body-mind connection, your natural body compass and the ongoing exercise of self-inquiry in the presence of bothersome, painful thoughts and stifling, restrictive beliefs and practices.

A life coach also provides the guidance, sets up the right mood and facilitates the space, tools and methodology for the proper recall, role-play and interpretation of dreams, everyday symbols, metaphors and synchronicities, as these messages show up in our daily existence as sources of enlightenment and inspiration, and agents of change.

There is an upside and a downside to every decision we make and every event that touches our lives, including adversity. Your life coach (that would be me, hopefully) will hold the space for you to discover, examine up-close and explore the latitudes and depths of the challenges and the possibilities with which you are being confronted and gifted with on a daily basis.

It is up to you, however, to make the choice that will best serve you and to take the decisive first step that will set you in motion onto the path of fulfillment, self-realization and personal and professional growth that you desire.

Life (your life) is meant to be lived to your fullest, best ability and potential, in spite of obstacles, circumstances, health status and even loss, and sometimes, even more because of these adverse experiences. 

Make, then, the right choices for you: your choices; those decisions and actions that will take you from the depths of despair, uncertainty and misery to the summits of your best possible conceptual life, and beyond. Because life is not coachable, you are. 

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