Pedro F. Báez, Master Certified Coach: FREE CONSULTATION


YES! 60 FREE minutes conversing over the telephone to determine whether we (you and I) are a good fit to engage as coach and client and embark on a dynamic, life-changing coaching partnership! This is a mutually exploratory session that will help us inquire, ponder and articulate whatever we need to ask, express, uncover and discover about each other and ourselves, and whether I have, in  your perception and intuition, the right 'medicine', energy signature and expertise to help you with whatever you bring to me as a goal, vision or dream to work on. 

For me, the challenge will be to assess and intuit whether you are my ideal client.

At the risk of being perceived as conceited and arrogant, I must be transparent and unambiguous about this: I choose my clients. I don't work with every client that wants to work with me. I don't base my choice on race, age, gender, social status, sexual identification or preference, religious beliefs or cultural heritage. I couldn't care less about any of those excluding, judgmental, obsolete standards! 

My ideal client is someone who is willing and able to trust and commit to his/her own process and stay the course to work on and achieve his or her own personal distilment, improvement, recasting and actualization; is willing and able to invest in this process — time, presence, conscious effort; intellectual, spiritual, emotional and financial resources —, and will love, respect and challenge themselves sufficiently to be simultaneously strong and vulnerable, determined, grateful and curious; self-driven and 'crazy' enough to believe in his or her own personal passion and power, as well as in grace, self-integrity, kindness, empathy, compassion, intuition, gut feeling, Nature, the supernatural and science. My ideal client must be willing to work very hard by consistently attending and learning from each integrative session, from every exercise, tool and discussion, as well as from past personal 'mistakes' and perceived 'failures'. My ideal client will explore, 'dig', uncover, reveal, experiment with and be excited by and about creating, embracing and living the transformative kind of energy and practical magic we conjure up in each coaching encounter!

There is no risk and no obligation to you by scheduling and attending this initial discovery consultation. The content and nature of our discussions and exchanges during this session, as with all others, will be strictly private and confidential.

The FREE 60-Minute Introductory Telephone Consultation is not optionalit's a requirement on my part to safeguard the ethical and functional integrity and standing of my coaching practice and to best serve interested, prospective clients by providing them with a free, real time, transformative, powerful, interactive sampling of my personality, professional style, coaching mastery and pedroness.

Please know that I will not accept a new client into my practice unless I have assessed his or her personal, familial and possible clinical histories, needs, goals and challenges, their appropriateness as candidates for coaching and their mental and emotional status during this introductory session. 

*** Couples seeking relationship coaching jointly will each be able to schedule separate free phone consultations to allow each partner the opportunity to express freely, privately and confidentially. ***


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