Pedro F. Báez, Master Certified Coach: THE REASONS


CONTACT ME if you answer "YES" to at least two (2) of the following statements:

• I feel stuck.
• I wish I could be who I really sense I am.
• I'm not satisfied with my personal/social/familial/sexual role and wish to effect a paradigm shift around this/these issue(s).
• People think/tell me that I'm 'weird' and 'different'. 
• I hate my present job and wish I could find/do better.
• Someone is/most people around me are responsible for my unhappiness.
• I wish I were able to do what I really want with my life.
• I'm too (fill in the blank) _________________ to hire a life coach.
• I would love to reach my full personal/professional potential.
• I'm a healthcare professional burned out/dissatisfied with the pressures and burdens encountered in today's healthcare environment.
• I am/someone I know is going through a scary/overwhelming/hard to manage health/life situation or crisis.
• I'm ready to come out to the world as (fill in the blank) ________________ but don't have the courage/need help in doing so.
• I have a good life/relationship and wish to make them fabulous/take them to the next level; to their highest and best possible potential.
• I am a writer/performer/artist/creative person, yet I'm having difficulty finding my mojo/new ideas/the energy/the motivation to create and be
• I have a vision/dream of what I want to achieve.
• I want to uncover/discover/recover my passion in life/marital partnership/creative endeavors/spiritual path.
• I can identify/sense a gap between where I am now and where I want to be in the future.
• I'm willing to experiment with new ideas and explore new ways of approaching challenges.
• I'm willing to reflect on my effectiveness/reactiveness in a variety of situations.
• I'm willing to unlearn or change self-sabotaging thoughts, perspectives, stories, behaviors and/or attitudes that limit my success.
• I can identify several things/aspects I would like to change in my life/behavioral patterns/relationships.
• I'm willing to invest time and money in my personal growth and development.
• I believe that I could be more effective and successful if I worked on developing/fine-tuning my inner dialogue and my interpersonal and
  communication skills.
• I believe that I could be more effective and successful if I had a broader array of management resources, skills and techniques upon which to
• I'm prepared to initiate contact with my life coach when/as needed.
• I'm willing to be honest with my life coach about my thoughts, my motives, my feelings and my interpretations.
• I'm willing to enlist the support of others who care about me to speed up progress and healing.
• I'm willing to place a very high priority on my sessions with my life coach and on other activities/assignments designed to
  strengthen/accelerate/enhance the development of my personal and professional skills.
• I'm willing to be open, authentic and present to let my life coach do his practical magic.
• I will hold myself accountable, show up for myself at each session and keep my appointments.
• I'm ready to have a professional in my corner who will help me achieve what I want from my life/work/profession/relationship.
• I'm committed to my personal/professional improvement by learning as much as I can from each opportunity presented to me.
• This is the right time for me to hire and work with a Master Certified Life Coach who has a dynamic, ongoing, verifiable track record of effectively
  helping his clients, and who will help me achieve tangible, measurable, practical results in living the life I deserve and want.

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