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I work with clients experiencing life-transforming challenges or on the verge of making life and lifestyle redefining decisions. 

I offer my clients ongoing thought work and life skills support in terms of everyday living, spirituality, identity issues and personal performance as well as in the more specific areas of relationship dynamics, conflict negotiation, abatement and resolution and interpersonal communication improvement and mastery. I excel at fostering a client's personal and professional growth, at enlightening clients on personal and professional matters, and at facilitating a client's passion. 

I facilitate this, primarily, by helping you, as my client, stay out of your own way. My ultimate goal is to help you help yourself thrive!

Thought work and life skills education, as essential methodologies at the core of my coaching practice, go beyond the “how”, the “who”, the “when” and “the goal”, and into the all-powerful, revealing, self-liberating illuminations of the “why”. It questions, brainstorms, clarifies and debunks. It empowers, gets you focused, energized and inspired by challenging and helping you discard and effectively replace obsolete, painful and limiting beliefs that are, oftentimes, non-experiential, familial and non-consciously acquired. 

Thought work and life skills education probe into the way you think and feel, and the motivation(s) and reason(s) behind it, rather than just guiding, coercing or compelling you to modify behavior(s) or to act in a certain way by putting into practice an unreflective, scripted, prescribed goal plan or method that ignores the character, dreams, natural propensities, emotional, spiritual and physical needs and dislikes of your Essential Self and the life it longs to live, if unfettered.

By using thought work and life skills education as a safe, sacred space for self-expression and as an effectual method to elicit and encourage the practice of self-inquiry, I help men and women discover, own and put into practice their individual gifts, passion(s), life experiences and intuitiveness. I help them focus, gain clarity and optimize resources in order to succeed, master and harness their superpowers, and thrive.

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I offer client-centered, thought work and life skills integrative sessions for:

- Life transitions | Personal growth | Emotional wellness

- Relationship dynamics | Partnership redefinition, reinvigoration, suspension or dissolution

- Interpersonal communication improvement and mastery

- Mentorship and career facilitation for coaches and healthcare professionals

I conduct in-person sessions in my beautiful office in San Marino, located at:

 photo Intersection of Mission St. and S. Los Robles Avenue - JPEG_zpsgup20gau.jpg
This is Mission St., at the intersection with S. Los Robles Ave.

 photo Mission St. From El Molino toward S. Los Robles Ave. - JPEG_zpsecuaypot.jpg
This is Mission St., looking from El Molino Ave. towards S. Los Robles Ave.

 photo S. Los Robles Ave. and Mission St. Intersection JPEG_zpsn9htovh9.jpg
S. Los Robles Ave. and Mission St. intersection, going North on S. Los Robles.

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This is the map showing our office location and parking options.
(Available parking at the Crestmont Building is for tenants only)
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 photo Parking lot view from Mission St. - With Border for WS_zps6gu47eyh.jpg
This is the free parking lot on the northwest corner of Mission St.
and El Molino Ave., next to Julienne's and David Orgell's
(Entrance/exit on Mission St.)

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